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Paulo Coelho, author of the famous book The Alchemist, is one of his favorite authors. Van’s gentle, calm, carry physical and philosophical meditation. I usually choose his books as Like the flowing river, Manual of the Warrior of Light … to mate while on the road, just carefree seaside break just reading a book, or in the afternoon tea alone read slow ranging and thinking about life.

He has a blog post titled: “9 tips on tourism,” including useful advice for trips many experiences. Previously I used to read a few of his tips in the book Like the flowing river. You share all this is his latest full with tips, read a favorite. Should both SMES “commentators” more to share with friends with similar interests as their travel.

1 / Avoid museums.

This seems to be an absurd advice, but you should try to think about that view: if you’re in a strange city, they learn about current job is not more interesting to learn about the past or the stars ? People felt compelled to visit the museum simply because as children they learned that travel is to learn about history and culture. The museum meanings are important, but when you visit them many times and the ability to observe – you need to know is that you want to see something there. If no time you’ll leave and feel that we have seen very great things, but can not remember exactly what it is.

* Paulo Coelho given this advice to encourage fresh new experience to the territory that we visited. For culture in the museum is the cultural death. But in real life a new culture is the culture of life. When traveling, I often spend the majority of time wandering around the streets, markets, shops and roadside amnesty … rather than museums.

2 / Visit the bar.

Even the bar, not the museum is where the city lives a lively place. Bar does not mean nightclubs or discos, but only where the ordinary man or had to drink a glass, thinking about America, and always willing to chat. You just buy a newspaper, look at the bar and enjoy the endless story with strangers. If someone starts a debate, though it sounds silly way, then join. You can not appreciate the beauty of a path merely by looking through the gate.

* Bar of the authors is where a bit like coffee shops, or pubs lemon tea in his budget. A place where people gather workers do a few beers after a hard working day, chat with others or simply thinking about life. Western culture should open and operate language people also easily join the conversation or argument suddenly erupted in public places, make new friends, get acquainted and exchange styles.

3 / Be open chat

The best travel guide for you are the original people in local, someone who knows where they live, such as palm, proud of it, but do not work for a travel company at all. Let’s go out into the street, choose a person you want to talk, and ask them something (like the direction of the cathedral, or mail). If he is not willing to talk, try again with other people. Guaranteed by the way, you will find a wonderful companion for walks around the city.

4 / Try to travel alone.

Travelling alone is more difficult traveling with others because we have delivered on their own everything, but only in this way will you really leave their country behind. When traveling in groups, you are in a foreign country but still native tongue, do the leader of the request, and often spent time talking to the common people rather than groups learn local customs.

5 / Do not compare.

Do not compare anything at all – prices, hygiene standards, standard of living, transportation, … Travelling is not to prove that we are having a better life than others. Go is to find out whether people in other places live how they deal with the various problems in life are, and they can teach us something.

6 / Please believe that people can understand you.

Even if you do not speak the same language with indigenous people when traveling, do not worry. I’ve been to many places in the world that I can not communicate in the language with other people, but I always find there the help, guidance, useful advice, and even girlfriends . Some people think that if they travel alone, they once set foot in the city, they will be lost immediately. But just you bring the hotel card pockets, and in an emergency, then waved a taxi and gave it to the driver to see, then you will go to a safe place.

7 / Do not shop too much

Let’s spend money on things that you do not have to carry: tickets to a play or a good meal at a popular local restaurant, or a tour of the day. Attentive shopping too much reduces the time to experience the culture where I come and increased burden on luggage.

8 / Do not try to see the world in a week.

Visit a city in five days is a reasonable choice than to visit five cities in a week. What makes a memorable trip was the quality of the trip, rather than the number of places you’ve visited. A city is like a woman so, we need time to explore and find out what her charm.

9 / Every trip is an adventure.

Henry Miller once said that roam in a small church not known better than to come to Rome and feel necessarily Sistine Chapel visit (official residence of the Pope) and is surrounded by more two hundred thousand other visitors. Sistine Chapel Come, but do not ignore the local streets, free to seek other things outside the common sites. The little story, the scenes on the road, though not unforeseen, can change your way of thinking about life.

* Each visit many popular tourist attractions, discovers that his city, even as many as the greater the need plenty of time to explore and find out its features. At first glance, all the same city with tall buildings, the monumental architecture and busy traffic. But to spend time wandering the small neighborhood, watching the scene bush, visit the deserted bar in the alley, or chat with passers-by, I discovered interesting features, the hidden beauty nestled tightly inside the city. It’s the little things like new glitter is what I remember most about their city had passed.

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