[ Philippines ] Let’s go to Boracay as soon as possible


Boracay is the most beautiful sea which used to. In the multitude of the sea such as Nha Trang, DA NANG, Phuket, Phu Quoc, CD, Ville Shihanouk.. … I’ve gone through, not by beautiful Boracay.Anyway it’s also top 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia & # 2 in the top 25 world’s most beautiful beaches. Not only by the blue sea water, to the extent seen in the bottom which comes also the cleanliness, service, eating sleeping, people and vehicles. All made a perfect Boracay.

Boracay Island, the length is as long as a & 7 km width. The total area of Donostia, a square only around Manila near 400 white, smooth Sand. like velvet. Every gentle coconut fringed coastline.Water in awe as this.

There is no direct flight from HN or SG go to Boracay, all transit through Manila. Borcay has 2 airports: Calticlan right next to the pier, for small aircraft. Kalibo is 43 miles for the plane to. So, if most cheap tickets go Calticlan Cebu or others but to Kalibo but much cheaper, you can blindly take the leg. Save the cost of the books. From the airport of Calticlan out the pier d. 50Pesp/person but according to her the good walk, because it is about 200 m (go see yourself this service charge). From Manila going Boracay, Cebu just to send 5 kg of baggage. Because sure laptop should last 7 kg are both four are biting the teeth subjected to close more money 3 times book online. Therefore, a is the you bring 5 kg, two is the book the baggage section.

Tickets to Boracay is quite expensive and must book real soon. His time away, afternoon go flying with Cebu Pacific, the fare is 1200Peso = 600,000 USD. Cebu ticket PM about too harsh, up to 4000peso at all-check valve, so I turned to check the others. As a result of Philippines Airlines with 1600peso = price 800,000 USD, however bay from Kalibo is about 2 h ride. Add this book celebrates the bottom always tears because the shaft takes a heap of money.

Out to the pier, in the face of the dam is the caskets closed. Train ticket: 50 p, environment: 75 p, charge terminal (this effective on 1/5/2011) is 100 p-> a tangle money or or. The truth is that you know that sweatshop.

Through ticket control port is climb a bangka. 20 minutes later, I went to Boracay Oh yeahhhhhhhhh.Climb up the shore, countless trycle beans available with price 100peso = 50 k to go to the Center, going to be 4 people. At first I grimace calling for expensive (like an old lady suffering so that) but after going a long way, a new line on the beach then I start seeing regret trẹo mine out calling for expensive. Boracay has two sides have a long coastline, East Coast & West Coast Bulabog is name is White Beach. White Beack divided into 3 station. Station 1, 3 is designated for the resort, station 2 is the resort, hotel more budget but fun, the most bustling.

People in Boracay’s very strange not to build the resort, the hotel would exceed … coconut on the island. So from far away look at or over only to see endless fields of green fresh coconut. Hotels in Boracay, the more ridiculous since, eating each other in that the you have to be hard to check to find out what organic holiday home cheaply … like me only (one minute for myself). You poor little money, there’s no money in resort should if hiring a family room for 6 people attach more to his kitchen can cook with price 4000peso/day, a sea … 3 minutes walk and 1 minute if running the schools network. And I’m extremely satisfied and pleased to rent it. Then there was the two-screen, hitting the seafood to the held out then in the kitchen the other pretty little baby.

What you need to do when coming to Boracay is bringing a lot of bikini, because bt fashion here is two pieces. If dressed in normal clothes or sealed sure ng we thought is native. I also have an elegant pleasures is walking in the early morning, when the sea midday lunch part of the lie on the sand and read books, online facebook, pillow hands behind the forehead and think about America, look at the calendar girl bikini bar can’t be smaller than the columns in front, lim dim enjoy feeling relaxed. I swear I saw that my life is too beautiful and happy choked. Go to busy the day before just to serve a few days here.Truth is money very worthy.

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