Nam Du Trip – pity because the weather is not supported


Nam Du … from when I saw the pictures of this region in May, I’ve been thinking about it for so long, I told myself that I had to go for it this place, and finally that day has come, everything from recruiting riders, up plan, put car, train tickets are themselves known within one week package.

Min 23h 6 27/06 / my delegation composed of 10 persons on the bus from Saigon to Rach Kien Giang Price-, like every other trip, this time I also recruited the majority of new ones have yet to meet now, those of you just talk on facebook now be his “seduction” go.

Yes 6h both delegations were present at the bus station Kien Giang province, we rented motorbike passenger speed boat to the wharf is about 15km to the south Du.

Nam Du Train travel 1 day only run one single trip at 8h15, especially these days, the ship did not run up the sea, the day before his day was his first go at Nam Du Seven ships newspaper that day not run because of rough seas , his day to go running or not remains unknown, I think, “never mind go to college and then work next Rach” very lucky just to Rach Soi bus station, the train received, relieved.

Nam Du Tau 220k price 1 person of the 440k, passengers traveling east, virtually no voids, go from Rach Gia to Nam Du takes about 3 hours, you do not get used car sickness or sea sickness, you should buy motion sickness medication intake for sure, my day go see everyone was drunk because pretty big sea life.

After 3 hours at sea finally the whole crew is out to Hon Lon Nam Du archipelago, Big Island has many residents living, mostly as fishing, landing on his island quite impressed by because very few people take the offer motorbike rental or vacation rental.

I was booking lunch Sat Nam Du him before, while on his home island Seven sisters who led the cafeteria always go without loss of space for eating, after toilet, eating is done, rest to 12:15 both Group walk the pier, preparing to train to visit the small island in Nam Du archipelago.

As its title slightly regretted her day sailing slightly, so the train does not go in many small islands, but to go straight Hon Dau where they will camp overnight.

Hon Though the waters are in … ah but not with me, then at Nam Du archipelago seawater in place yet, if shallow, the fish are seen swimming too.

Unlike other times before this time his seafaring experience is much rowing basket, catch pinch, especially her favorite was probably the fishing, fish at Hon Dau lot standing on the shore can catch it, throw sentence to see the original Predator fish wealth bu always, the group of more than 10 children and then go catch pinch to dark roast sip.

You do not have to worry what the Nam Du assured eat it then, just diligent spent around 30 minutes fishing alone is sure you will have a hearty meal bbq fish, not to mention a lot more pinch, can do 1 broth was delicious but pinch.

After fishing, paddle boats, coconut water drink finished off the whole crew were transported to the Hon Ngang supper, the meal was finished we went rotation Hon Ngang to see people live like. Hon Ngang leave a bad impression on her because there was a lot of trash, garbage from the sea unknown or drift and throw people out, where to go and see trash, the population on the island is quite crowded so I feel cramped.

Vision 7.30pm train back through his group welcomed the Hon Dau Island Oil on the way the group was put on one boat has caught on to buy seafood, to tell her this trip very lucky in terms dining, Seven fresh ink him and to buy cheap, is to buy crab fishing boats make a living, any such child to a hand, one who ate one child is always satisfied.

Ships take the party back to Hon Dau go in the night, the feeling goes dark blind sea around it odd, I really admire the fishermen fishing for months, at sea.

Hon Dau Go to start group group campfires, beer steamed crab recipe, squid, scallops, fish statements made baked goods, must recognize seafood feast extremely hearty but cheap too.

After blessing the whole group started up tents ready for bed, I and some friends sat eight first conversation with him Saturday, hope next time to go back to this place, it remains unspoiled and yet unexploited human hands have intervened in this place.

On her away is not good weather, morning clouds cover the sun, as the party regretted his pain because not watch the sunrise over the sea, but to add one went to bed barbecue, 8AM 1 1 seafood noodle bowl , drinking coconut water then aboard the Big Island lighthouse climb prepare.

When leaving your boat Hon Dau for feeling nostalgic this place, especially with two little friends, but we met but it is very friendly, enthusiastic, 2 children showed both groups from the fishing and caught pinch , rowing basket.

Train takes the party on the Big Island at 9:30, high-speed train running from the Big Island in Rach Gia starting at 12 am, the group only to climb mountains and go back to pulsars to keep up my train.

Nam Du Farewell, farewell him Saturday, parting with the little friend, leaving her much nostalgia can not do yet, so that I have a reason to return to this place, then, the most recent appointment day I will visit the pristine islands wonderful.

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