[ Laos Trip ] The schedule for a tour in Northern Laos

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Here is the schedule:

Day 1: Begin to the Xiangkhouang journey at evening from groundwater bus stop. The ticket price is 360k vnd with the car sits. If there is singcafe’s car then stops that dearly and new weekday runs. A ticket bought in the address as pictured below.

Day 2:10h am catch the taxi to hire xiangkhouang plain of jars, roll the pears cows toài photograph, sunlight. Max rent direct from XK go Luôngphrabăng always

Day 3: in the early morning to Luong, see master go qifu mumo carried at 6 am. Vacation rentals and start to hang out Phousi, Kuongsi falls

Day 4: Luong, dance photo ót, Wat Xieng Thong, go rent a boat ride along the river

Day 5: Luang: old bridge ride, bicycle rental. Up bus goes Vangvieng

Day 6: Buy tour go Tubing, Kayaking, Jumping: evil barbaric fun, funny, enjoy. To h still prefer the feeling of lying on the boat, watching the clouds, kaya mountain. Play to the new dark curious about the medium-run, like drying cẩy

Day 7: morning, noon bus to go where to find lodging and hang out around Vienchan

Day 8: Garden Buddha, goes a series: Pattuxay, That Luong, the pagodas. Max climb the car about HN

Day 9: HANOI

Total cost: 3.5 tr (cheap savage cruelty)

Some experience:

-Should go to gate please change money, cheaper than the change in HN. However, after sealing, each of you must pay 10,000 K money bo in addition, siege did not.

-If buy tickets from Staff about HN: can buy tickets at many point of sale! Reviews about 140,000 kip! However can to buy directly or call straight for the ride home will be paid in cash at a price of about 250,000 USD! I took the card of a garage called Tung Mau of the car is UN-4888 Tel in 0982151672/0985151872 bile
number in Laos is 020 999 5995/020 666 0969

-Car rental tuk tuk ride from Xiangkhouang plain of jars to return is: 50,000 Kip. Admission: no need to buy travelers 10,000 K/person, bargaining for all unions is 30,000 K. haha

-Sim Phone: the first 9 m sim called Unitel (Unitel network are trademarks of Star Telecom Company? ” A joint venture between telecom company Viettel army Vietnam and Lao Asia Telecom) with the 30 thousand Kip, the account was 65 thousand K

-The vacation home in Xiangkhouang. Intended as lunch is complete will hang right and the plain of jars up getting the car going straight Luang should not need to rent multiple rooms do. Just 1 closet and just half day rental because Max has gone out. The falling price of 30 thousand Kip/half day;))

-private car hire from XK go Luong is 80,000 k/person

-Lodging in Luang should book ahead from VN, not to the party that found wild eyes. The machine very Ridin rental alone is cheap, made of wood, right in the Centre, a 5-minute walk away to the river. Price 50000 K/1 person

-Lodging in Vientiane: Youth Inn guest house

-Reviews on Vangvieng1 tours, don’t remember just remember 180K, Laos money free money have both lunch

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