Journey to Ly Son Island


Unlike previous installments, go this time Ly Son Island Trip “no plan” alone does not prepare anything, except to buy a train ticket from Saigon to Quang Ngai 1 day early.

From Saigon to Quang Ngai slow train ride takes about 17-18 hours, I went from 12h20 to Quang Ngai station at 4:30 the next day, then do not know where to go, so sleeping next station and then walk away for 6 persons breakfast. While breakfast is the restaurant’s owner said the car had run straight down the bust Sa Ky port to buy tickets to Ly Son.

The breakfast is complete bust asses go down Sa States for vehicles, the ride takes about 1 hour and cost bust 14k down to Sa Ky, I kept wondering here happy one doubts it had nothing apart from fishing vessels, that is to find the way out, not here 1 day 1 nights.

His car sick should have to cry uncle transported to Quang Ngai motorbike, go get one up on the allusions sure Khe beach to play, more fun than the beach to the city, was “no plan” to saying it was coming That, his instant ok “pay for me to go see it,” think of all 170k tenants, both in his locker room fees out immediately bathing, water in the sea here pretty long beach, no more tour operators , the beach is still rubbish though not much.

His evening more appointments you go along from Hanoi and Saigon to My Khe beach overnight, campfire eat seafood in it, we both eat campfire to 12 midnight, then the bedroom.

Next morning up 5.30 bust back pickup Sa Ky port, lined up to buy tickets through the island express train, train ticket sold at 6:30 here, one ticket over 115k island. Buy tickets to the party finished drinking coffee, waiting until 8am, then boarded.

Ly Son Tau pretty crowded, tourists, people across the island also, about 1 hour fast boat to the island was then, his first impression when set foot on the island of Ly Son is the busiest of the fishermen here, who are netting, trawling on the ship who is, who is to receive the goods very boisterous.

The party did not prepare or refer any information before coming here, should visit the country to discuss food shop on the island, are exchanging with one uncle to suggest one question Aaron Green “grandchildren in size, wealth Commentators in free … “I heard the new 2nd out for famous uncle Square.

Still not shaping why pay again for free at still very enthusiastic to invite, too, nobody expected that the Notes have tricycles, if at home, they must pay rent tricycles of him walking around the island 6 600k fee , dining progressive commentators worry meal count. After consulting calculate ok, everyone on the bus ride home pay.

Large house, cool, the seafood basket, too, paragraph dining as there is nothing to worry, according to the people I see in this style better ok just as fun, cool, cook back home people eat more ( of course, pay) to go eat consistent support.

After take belongings finished carrying out the group are paying Archway and Temple Coating. Seawater at Archway is in, after watching the finished scene poked between the scorching sun of midday crowd materials are non-down shower, bath uncle took over 1 hour take advantage of new call comes up.

Leave wet suit both groups begin climb Temple Coating, Coating Chua Quan Am statue very loud, high-range 30m towards the sea surface, rotate back into the mountains look very impressive, the cemetery and rotary pulse garlic field.

Coating Temple Mount area is quite high, very suitable for trekking, climbing that day his party high mountain overlooking the sea, recognized hot midday sun, enclosed wet suit that everyone must profusely wear though not very high mountain slopes.

The effort of the whole team is paid off, climb peaks around beautiful views, from the mountains overlooking the vast sea is pure beauty. And of course, the shooting screen indispensable, standing and sitting poses and postures takes about 30 minutes down the mountain to the group returned home advantage pay for lunch.

His party noon we eat fish, discus sour soup, fried fish hole, very fresh fish here, I was not well versed in pricing but heard people say so price is quite cheap, eating well think range 1h45 rest till 2 comes next group.

The next destination is the Temple Cave and volcanic mud skippers. As its name suggests, is made up Hang Pagoda so long in one cave 500m2 wide range, there are many of your churches Spirit Cards, flyers, cave overlooking the sea, a couple of kilometers before the cave has very large eagle , pay Loi sure this eagle tree 400 years old range.

We’re look temple incense range for 15 minutes, then move out of volcanic mud skippers, his uncle beneficial for us off at the foot of the mountain, up the mountain roads have been concreted come easy, however it was very sunny, no a shade ever make both groups also stress.

Along the way there are many sights to see, it takes a long time to get a new group of freshwater lakes in the mountains due to wandering 1 1 a few places for sightseeing photographs, to see the sea air as high as immense .

On the summit’s first freshwater lake, listening to people tell me this is the volcanic peak from thousands of years ago, now the volcano is no longer active, so crater into freshwater lake, the lake was dammed to stop, make the next target for the people here.

Headache is a hill climb to the top of all countries, both wanting dry throat, the group walked down the mountain, carrying out overlooked advantage to nearby beaches and bathing water, see water as catch do a little gold out cans, drink finished the party started for the beach, a tenant 1 to dive watch glasses coral

That day alone barefoot into the sea, it is true that one tortures, sandy beach not see where that is all coral, the feeling of going barefoot on coral cramps 2 times is horrible, but in return coral is very beautiful, when we going out group 1 with hole three miles deep, dive watch fish swim through the coral reef are breathtaking, just like what we saw earlier in the chapter The animal world standard, his slightly longer wish to watch too much longer.

Coral diving group enthralled forgot all time, must wait Loi cry uncle to agree to go on, uncle ride home, bathing eating their evening we ate snails, must recognize in the praises Loi pay more than at home thinking, feasting delicious, too.

The next morning the group got up early to go to the archway to see the sunrise over, although slightly late these were somewhat satisfied, we both sort baggage to prepare to leave.

This trip left me one regret is not light, it is not through the Island because of your baby in the group have the right to not stay busy adding 1 nights.

Goodbye uncle Loi, create differentiated Ly Son Island, appointment one day come back here to finish Little Island, the group returned to the mainland, from here the way everyone goes, people are into Saigon, visits to Hanoi, his then home.

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