[ Indonesia ] Staying at Dieng Plateau – The “Home Stay”

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At the entrance to Dieng, you will find many “Home Stay”. Prices vary from one to three so feel free to compare. For my part, I have chosen to reside in the ‘Bu Djono »Guesthouse which offers double to 75,000 rupees. You can also hire scooters for 100,000 rupees the day – it’s not cheap but the choice is limited to Dieng …
In terms of food, no surprise, rates are standard! You will find many local restaurants along the main road.
I advise you to stay two days in Dieng. You can calmly visit all the interesting attractions.
– On the first day, go for a walk loop 3 or 4 hours around the village of Dieng to discover a lake, a smoking crater and ancient Hindu temples:
* The Warna Lake (RM8570)
* The crater Sikidang (RM5543)
* Hindu temples of Arjuna (RM27 111)
Personally, I loved the crater and the lake! Regarding temples, my opinion remains mixed … But the atmosphere is special to Dieng. Many Indonesians tourists come to spend quality time in the region at the weekend and they are genuinely friendly to foreign tourists. I was one of the only “white” the corner and I got dozens of photo shoots and laughing smiles!
– For the second day, rent a scooter Dieng then get up at 3.30am to watch the sunrise “Sikunir View Point”. I do not particularly like to get up as early, but frankly, it’s worth it! The view is south of Dieng, after the village of Sembungan. Not easy to find at night but Indonesian tourists will certainly make the journey together with you, just follow the few scooters that go south at 4am!
In the afternoon, leave your scooter to make a loop to the west of the city of Dieng and go through:
Crater sileri
Crater Candradimuka
Lake Dringo
Wellspring Jolotundo
Lake Merdada
The loop is not very long and half a day will suffice. Maiz you can (and I’d recommend it highly!) Supplement by visiting the different villages you will see from the main road. The population is absolutely adorable with the Europeans … I have rarely been so well received and regadée sympathetically at Dieng! Also, note that the main road is in very good condition but it can not be said of the small secondary roads leading to the crater and Lake Crandradimuka sileri. Scooter beginner, abstain …

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A Dieng, the scenery is magical, really! But what I would hold, it’s not the smoking craters and turquoise lakes … No! Dieng is much more than that … It is the joy of receiving thousands of smiles. Being the center of attention of dozens of local adorable!

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The beauty of the landscape had to forge pure hearts and bursting with sweetness … I do not usually describe my feelings on this blog but I can not help but do it this time because I had not done such beautiful games since my dear farmers of Rajasthan in India … I am still moved when I write this because I still clearly hear the children’s laughter ringing in my head … These smiles thousands will miss!
I even had the chance to attend a party in a small village. Music and traditional dance program! But I strongly believe I stole the artists who were present.
So I have only one thing to advise you … Go for Dieng! You will not be disappointed by the scenery and even less by the atmosphere that prevails there.

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