How to saving the money when rent a car on your trip


The car is often used by families wishing to discover a region with their rhythms, to browse large areas where buses are scarce, to conduct “road trips” legendary as on Route 66, or to sleep in his vehicle (RV or in a small van). The great outdoors are more easily passable by car (I think particularly in the United States or Australia) but some closer locations may also require a vehicle (like on some islands like Guadeloupe and Corsica, where it is nice able to move at will and at any time!

There are many benefits to traveling by car. No constraints of routes, more freedom, more comfort, more possibilities to carry heavy equipment, etc … But this freedom at a cost! It is often less economical to travel by personal vehicle by taking collective bus for example. Petrol, insurance, cost of renting sometimes euros marching quickly …

But there are solutions to solve the costs of road trips!

Use a car rental comparator
If you wish to travel using a rental car, know that there are car rental comparator sites! for example, will give you a good idea of ​​market prices, so you can find a reasonable offer.

As well as the sites of the comparison plane tickets or hotels, car hire comparator certainly have a bright future ahead of them as they allow to reserve your vehicle in advance. Convenient when you do not want to have to search a rental in arriving at an unknown location.

Rent a car for a return
If you own a car and you do not serve you every day, you may want to consider the rent! By paying your car a few hours or days to an individual, you can repay the cost of your car while doing a good deed. Indeed, particularly among rental car often comes cheaper than renting from a professional.

You can also find out if you are traveling somewhere in France, if a driver can not rent a car you time your vacation cheaply!

Perform carpool trips
Nothing better to monetize a drive as being more profitable! Fill a vehicle, it is good for the wallet, but also for the environment … If you go with several travel companions, so you will divide the cost by the number of people present. It also helps to regularly change driver and can rest properly.

But if you travel alone, you can still think about carpooling organized on the Internet. Many carpools sites are extremely well thought out so that you do not waste time and you can rest assured of the seriousness of the driver (through a notice and comment system).

This time, it costs you nothing. Your only obligation is to be friendly with the drivers that make service and give you some nice smiles in return. Traveling by making hitchhiking is easier than it seems, I have already written an article on this subject: “travel by making hitchhiking.” Simply start once or twice to realize that this is certainly a mode of economic journey, but also very rewarding.

So there are many ways to travel by car without spending a lot of money (or even making great savings). Simply combine all the tricks, to follow quick tips for everything to go well and to be open to different options depending on the destination.

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