Detection of a hill full of golden Da Quy flowers far frome Da Lat 30km

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If you do go Dalat by boat so you can not go past the Da Quy flower road where located on Tu Tra Commune, Don Duong district – about 40km from Da Lat, I will guide you one way to hunt wild sunflowers hill Dalat is only 25km from the extremely beautiful. Here We Go!

First up Phuong Trang Da Lat by car or The Grapefruit, ticketing website for the convenience of light, fare class and 400k for 2 trip on it.

To Dalat, you can stay at home thinking along Truong Cong Dinh, room rates range from 150-250k, alone in hotel room rates 200k Chu House clean, comfortable road, full of hot water, if you like in Dorm ks Yolo save it at about $ 120k / 1dem / 1 bed. In all the hotel offers car rentals, rent from 1 day about 120k-150k offline.

Meals are eaten grilled snails restaurant 33 Hai Ba Trung, there are 3 branches branch off the table if they will only follow you to cn, so go early, but this place is always in a state of full tables, or you can to grill Cu Germany – 6 Nguyen Luong Bang.

Eating think the day went to sleep, the next day hire vehicle back to the Prenn Pass, pass, run over 10km you just look on the right will see the first few yellow hills of Da Quy, see the long run Dinh Quang Hiep sea, decelerate to around 800m will see 1 turnoff to the right, running into the road that goes in the direction of yellow hills, stopping at the foot of the hill and walk up, go deep into the see 1 Natural Da Quy golden hills always.

Da Quy is at bloom time so now you go pretty soon when the meantime, is expected to last month will not yellow anymore.

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