Conquering “Mui Đôi” – great easternmost point (part 1)

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How many days of waiting finally came, 19h25 9/5 days SQN2 party aboard the Tuy Hoa, Eastern Cape Pole conquest group sometimes includes 8 people, 1 female vs 7 male, his initial recruitment of 12 people fall There are 8 online gradually, and luck is not odd.

Train tickets SQN2 Saigon – Tuy Hoa 275k, see more information in ticket. Rent a tent in, snacks including hot dogs, sandwich bread, 1 his flashlight inside loan website.

Car hire is a very quality orchestra:

Because cheap motto is, above all, should they choose to go slightly slower local train too but right now, the company has presence in 6:45 Tuy Hoa, calling him the car rental pick-up heading into his house to get the car, while in Saigon had told him the carts “tasty” fears for the pass road, time to get new vehicles frostbite can see Sirius staging new car going too tasty 9000km … hehe.

Get the car finished the tour to eat chicken, you have one last group of Tuy Hoa in a 1-week standard should you lead away, quite tasty chicken rice here. After eating lunch, then go buy alcohol.

This trip is secondary drinking water is extremely important, both group 1 and enlist buy 3 liters water

Deo the right choice
After recharge, buy 1 numbers needed beyond the party started Deo, a city about 30km run is to begin bươn Deo Pass.

Sadness that, but beautiful scene always Deo, 1 side 1 side sea mountains, clear water, blue sky look like one picture, but just looking at the scene not run ah, is dangerous, go halfway Pass the stop for taking pictures too, the most pain after shooting is finished running one more paragraph 1 view beautiful view over just now, thanks. Recently Deo then to Co Ma pass no less beautiful than short however.

Often many Eastern Cape Double Pole delegation from Nha Trang, but I think that comes from Tuy Hoa reached Deo gorgeous stretch of road, and closer from Nha Trang, run 60km to reach Dam then, goes from NT would seem 120km

Co Ma pass down range 25km run saw the intersection, turn right to Dam run 1 marquetry always

To track down the Co Ma walk you should ask one road in Eastern Cape Double Pole where to turn to, not run through offline

Ramp stimulus for traffic violations
Excluding ramp and residential Dam, the road was deserted, the feeling driving prices beyond the speed in empty road, one side is the sea, the only approved and always very standard: D.

Running a milestone in Dam Mon see 0km, which fell 3 very beautiful road, looking like some avenue of American film that hehe, taking advantage poked one to cross the dunes. Note 2 phoned to ask directions to the dunes, so it can only ne.

“You just past the 2nd cemetery will see the markers it burn, Nose Double”.

Doing so both gas group, looked enough instruction not feel where the group 1 you see something burn halfway mark so that’s what that Note 2 saying, cute always right, who would not make eye fine running around to make too.

Crossing the dunes by motorbike, why not?
Before getting yourself asking some people went Pole East and most protected sandhill motorcyclists beyond difficult, the group intends to retain the original, using motorcycles to cross dunes, actually not that hard only 2 the ramp to full pilot deer out her power alone, with steep quicksand again, leaving 1 pull station not stand to have someone push up.

If the steering group hard, I recommend motorcyclists, little more extreme but very interesting experience, time goes on and more healthy

After passing two slopes, run 1 time out beautiful sea always overcome the feeling breathless sandhill want see ocean out all fatigue disappeared.

“Stop stop, stop shooting away everyone dear, beautiful landscape around …”

Impressive first meeting with Note 2
After shooting finished sightseeing, run one time and saw leaf hut, leaving the car in Note 2 that calls out to meet, met the extremely friendly uncle, talk comedy, too.

Note 2 01662037427 phone number, if you go to the phone for 2 days notice uncle nhé

Garage in tents, antique car keys carefully (see also honestly Adventure Adventure for the tent in the middle of the road so there is not anyone soup á both), the group was led down the Note 2 Notes for rest and a very cool Note 2 nice view too, with him this is the most simple one resort I’ve ever seen. Sitting resting DC 1 bit the whole crew was drinking lemonade with rock salt is wife Note 2 do, feeling it was numb too: D.

She Note 2 extremely cute dentist, talk funny too heaven, when I jokingly asked countless Note 2

“My uncle went dunes hot sun rays too, why do not you way”

“Pole rather new riders, making sure no one went off the road and people here phượt not ah”

Her uncle phượt exposed population in years to understand the elegant pleasures of dust citizens too, sat talking for a while, then come at lunch, eat rice also the Note 2 is temporary, with the then hungry, we eat the gas is no longer something on the table.

People want to eat in the Note 2 is placed before 2 days to prepare her uncle snacks

After eating little girls were eight stories and gather strength fell to sleep, she kept reminding nostalgic note 2:

“Eating for no wealth, then sleep walk too grab power but hear me.”

8km challenge will come with the Eastern Cape Pole Double
Once fully energized and beat one’s appetite, 2 pm Games begin preparing the Group “marched” unnecessary items left out for her uncle, that day the delegation had brought the camera goes, bad too Damaged wool should send her uncle kept for always.

Originally planned as a guide Note 2 of us, but that day he named Tien 1, who went Pole East Games: “I go as often as not remember anymore,” who is very dear to Note 2 from Houses Home to play, so that day his brother pocket money rather Note 2

Because the ramp has reached quite a lot of water and sand dunes, the group bought two bottles of single 1.5mL 1, plus 1 person 1 bottle revive in Note 2 to use. She says if you drink Note 2 not all the offers pay (bottle intact no vent).

Plus vs 1kg 1kg lobster meat she prepared for us his uncle from before, backpack each person begins to reach capacity and 5kg.

The water is extremely important, countries in the Note 2 is quite difficult and uncle to hire a boat from the mainland to wait anymore, you should bring many countries

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