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In the event that you are hoping to get your Cambodia visa in Vientiane, Laos early then you are in luckiness – it is simple! Here is all the data you have to know not sort out your Cambodia visa.

The government office is found near the edge of Rue Thadeua and Boulevard Khouvieng

– It is over the street from the Mai Tee Chit Residence.

– It is nearby to the Rashmi Plaza Hotel. On the off chance that you are taking a gander at the building, the government office is to one side.

– If your settlement is not halfway found, you may need to enlist a bike or tuk for the trek. Else it is just 3km from downtown.

– If the entryway is open, walk straight on in.

The following here is what you need to know

– You will require your identification, a photocopy of the information page (they do this for you), two international ID photographs, the application charge in real money and two finished application frames (grabbed at the government office).

– The application charge is US$30.

– The structure requires such data as purpose of section and leave, method of transportation, where you are staying in Cambodia, and the standard occupation questions. Try not to weight on these, as it doesn’t generally make a difference what you put down as it is not stamped onto your visa.

– Drop your application off somewhere around 8am and 10am.

– You have to get your international ID and visa at 4pm.

– They give you a receipt and you require this when you come back to get your travel permit. Try not to lose this!

The staff here were benevolent and glad to offer assistance. When we landed in both the morning and the evening, we were the main individuals there arranging visas.

You can likewise get your Cambodia visa on landing in the outskirt, however the authorities there are famous for attempting to rip travelers off by charging them fake expenses. Having your visa early can help with maintaining a strategic distance from these superfluous rewards.

It truly is that basic. Negligible printed material, no bother. The whole process in the morning took under 10 minutes and getting our visas toward the evening was done in a matter of seconds.

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