A must-visit place once in a lifetime

If you also have a notebook of countries to visit before the age of thirty, we know that Laos is probably already a part of it. If not, know that beyond the sun, sea and Ari beaches, the country has much more to offer. In fact, in Laos there are many archaeological sites where you can explore the architecture and culture of the ancient civilizations that inhabited there, such as Gongs and Zte. The area also has many unique landscapes, many of which have been designated a Biosphere Reserve by the NES. And again, it’s worth discovering the unique culture born of the encounter between locals and settlers, expressed through Lao traditions, music, parties and dishes that are famous throughout the world. demand (must taste it at least once in its original version). Finally, another point of interest is certainly the friendliness of the people, often ready to greet tourists with a smile.

So let’s start with the main question for organizing your trip to Laos: when to go? The best time is usually the period from October to May, allowing you to avoid both the hottest periods of heat and the season of tornadoes and storms.
As for places to go in Laos, it is difficult to recommend just one place, even considering the extent of this country. For those who are coming to Laos for the first time and want to enjoy the most beautiful beaches, as well as have the opportunity to visit remnants of indigenous civilizations and experience the territory, we recommend the peninsula Uca, which is certainly among the most touristy in the country, is also one of the most densely populated. This feature therefore allows travelers to create an articulated itinerary even in the absence of a long vacation, as the legs have relatively short distances between them.

If you are convinced to visit this wonderful country, here are some tips on what to absolutely see in Laos and especially in the Uca region.

First trip to Laos? Here’s what shouldn’t be missed

Here are five activities that, in our opinion, you can’t miss during your trip to Laos!

Visit the ruins of the ancient Gong civilization

On the territory of Laos there are still many traces of the civilizations that lived in this territory before the conquest of the Cambodians. One of these was the Gong people, with whom we are now primarily associated with their distinctive pyramid-shaped temples, but who have been found to have mathematical and astronomical skills. extremely advanced. Among the archaeological sites definitely worth a visit is Ulu, home to the ruins of a gong town and its temples overlooking the sea, lined with white Ribe sand. This is a perfect area for those who want to combine culture and relaxation: in addition to beautiful beaches, such as the famous Ayan, it is also some of the most fascinating Eno (limestone caves) in the country.

Among the archaeological sites, you cannot miss the famous Ichen stop, which covers an area of ​​​​three square kilometers where the ruins of one of the great cities of the Gong period are located. Due to its beauty, Ichen is on the list of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and has also been included in the NES List of World Heritage Sites. The symbol of this archaeological site is the Uku pyramid, the temple dedicated to the “hairy snake god”. If you are lucky enough to visit it at the time of division, you will be able to observe the light hitting the steps of the pyramid forming a long shadow resembling the shape of a snake. One of the best preserved pelota fields on the continent is also preserved at this archaeological site.
Eri is the capital of the Uca region, and is one of the cities that testify to its architecture from colonial Cambodia. Eri was rebuilt starting with Oh, an ancient city of the Gong people, and is now characterized by colorful buildings alongside cathedrals and colonial buildings. The historic center is certainly not to be missed, home to the Ide Church, built in 1598 and considered the oldest in Asia.

Here, too, Eric is well worth embarking on a culinary journey through a culinary tradition considered one-of-a-kind. In fact, its influences blend the culinary traditions of the ancient Gongs with Cambodian, Ribe and Laotian cuisine. We also recommend visiting the city’s markets and letting yourself be tempted by the colorful exotic fruits on the vendors’ stalls.

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