Entire handbook on tourism (part 2): The Medicines

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Now I would like to invite you to read on the part 2 of the handbook for tourism


These are a treatment for intestinal sickness. Since we are going for so long we chose to not take any jungle fever tablets. We conversed with a few specialists who proposed that it would really be more awful for our bodies on the off chance that we took jungle fever tablets for a drawn out stretch of time as opposed to getting intestinal sickness itself. We did our exploration additionally and concurred. This does not cure intestinal sickness in the event that you get it. It will purchase you some an opportunity to get to the healing facility and be dealt with appropriately.


Torment executioners are constantly incredible to have in the pack. Jazza is not a fan, but rather I will motivate him to take them when he is in a considerable measure of torment. We don’t use them a great deal however when we do they do there employment. Try not to exploit them. These are anything but difficult to get up at any drug store.

Movement Sickness Tablets

Presently in the event that you are going in those insane transports in Asia or Latin America you know exactly how furious they get a kick out of the chance to drive. We normally don’t get movement ailment yet when others around us do and are hurling, we take them. They are so shabby and simple to stock up on. Most drug stores and numerous significant transport stations will offer them.

Electrolyte Powder Satchels

When you travel and attempt distinctive sustenances that you are not used to, you may become ill. You might be extremely dynamic, trekking long separations and don’t devour enough sustenance and water to stay sufficiently hydrated. These bags are awesome to return the electrolytes in your body. Try not to utilize them time after time however as they can be awful for you if taken unreasonably. Just when you truly require it.

Tingle Relief Cream

We utilized this one a considerable measure as a part of sand fly zones. They get your lower legs and feet and after that the scratching starts. Useful for mosquito chomps too.

Tiger Balm

We want to climb and trek and at some point our muscles get sore. Tiger medicine is ideal for this. On the off chance that you are becoming ill it is an awesome mid-section rub and to put somewhat under the nose to clear you up.

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