April 2016


[ Philippines ] Swimming with whale sharks: Amazing Experience

Whale sharks are fish! Adults, they generally measure 4-14 meters long (but can reach 20 meters long exceptionally), can weigh up to 35 tons and live up to 150 years! They feed mainly on plankton and small fish they eat by mouth. They are very impressive by their size but are completely harmless to humans.


[ Laos trip ] - The slow and peaceful days in southern Laos

Southern Laos is a cheap option, beautiful and exciting for a new year holiday are occasions for about 5 days. Go, make sure of claiming go back next í. Cost for the tour 5 days 4 nights, breakfast, kayaking, beer foam, bar broke out, massages … only about 4 million. 30/4/2013, 5 December, in what